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Sierra Snow Gliders

The oldest and liveliest Black Ski Club in Las Vegas.

Sierra Snow Gliders' Day on the Slopes Makes Headlines!

Sierra Snow Gliders is making waves in the community with their recent initiative to give every child an opportunity to experience the excitement and joy of snow sports . Featured in the local news, our club collaborated with the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority to make dreams come true for 30 children from the Historic Westside by treating them to their very first ski and snowboarding adventure at Lee Canyon.

Skiing Dreams Come True:

The children selected for this incredible opportunity, embarked on an unforgettable journey into the world of winter sports, all free of charge! Sierra Snow Gliders, as a proud chapter of the National Brotherhood of Snowsports, is on a mission to break down barriers and open doors for youngsters who might not have the chance to experience the thrill of skiing and snowboarding.

From Snow Suits to Smiles:

The Las Vegas club went above and beyond, providing the children with winter clothing, top-notch equipment, seamless transportation, delicious food, and expert ski/snowboarding lessons. Club members dedicated their day to guiding these young adventurers as they navigated the slopes for the very first time.

Get Involved:

Are you inspired by the Sierra Snow Gliders' mission? You can join or donate to our community and be part of these incredible initiatives. Visit to learn more about their upcoming events and how you can contribute to our mission.

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